Vote For Sequel

Stay tuned for these sequels:

  • A HARD DAYS DICK – Nick goes undercover in a Beatles tribute band to solve a musical mystery.
  • ROYAL DICK – Nick finds out he’s related to European royalty and through a series of odd turns becomes president of that country during war time.
  • A DICK IN TIME – Nick travels to the past to solve a crime that hasn’t been committed yet.
  • TO DICK OR NOT TO DICK – Nick goes undercover at a Shakespeare Festival to solve something rotten in Denmark.
  • JOSEPHINA DICK, aka, DICKLESS – Nick goes undercover in the Drag community to investigate a murder.
  • HAIRY DICK – Nick accidentally discovers a cure for baldness. It overgrows on him…
  • CANT BUY ME DICK – Nick goes undercover as a Matchmaker to solve a crime.
  • A DICK IN THE BOX – Nick goes undercover at a morgue to investigate a murder.
  • DICK DICK GOOSE – Nick goes undercover at a Day Care Center to find out who’s been making all the kids sick.
  • DICK TOCK – Nick wakes up with a bomb strapped to his chest and must complete tasks in a timely fashion or he blows up.